Our Purpose

To help a community of like-minded individuals build wealth together.

Value Provided
(Over $7000 of value)

  • Community of like-minded individuals

  • Daily Motivation

  • Sunday Morning Prayer

  • Financial Education ($5000 of Value)

    • Budgeting classes

    • Real Estate Classes

    • Stock Market Education

    • Retirement Education

    • Stock/Stock Option Trading Education

  • Stock & Stock Option Alerts ($1500 of Value)

  • Real Estate Crowdfunding Opportunities ($1000 of Value)

Common Monthly Subscriptions
With No Financial Return

  • Netflix - Over $9/month

  • Hulu - Over $6/month

  • Music Services - Over $10/month

  • Cable - Over $50/month

  • Gym Memberships - Over $50/month

  • Amazon Prime - Over $100/year

Why Join Us?

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

We built a community for folks who are focused on improving the financial trajectory of their households and last names. Our community is focused on education and application to build wealth.

We ensure you that the education value provided by the community will pay for itself 10x's. We will teach you how to invest for the short term to make more money, and also how to invest for the long term to provide a better lifestyle for generations to come.


Full Access to the Community
Full Access to Virtual Education Sessions
Full Access to Real Estate Investment Opportunities
Community Referral Incentives